António Costa Pinto (edited by)

Ruling Elites and Decision-Making in Fascist-Era Dictatorships

New York ,  SMM-Columbia University Press

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Dictators do not rule alone, and a governing elite stratum is always formed below them. This book explores an underdeveloped area in the study of fascism: the structure of power. The old and rich tradition of elite studies can tell us much about the structure and operation of political power in the dictatorships associated with fascism,whether through the characterisation of the modes of politicalelite recruitment, or by the type of leadership, and the relative power of the political institutions in the new dictatorial system. Analyzing four dictatorships associated with fascism (Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, Salazar’s Portugal and Franco’s Spain), the book investigates the dictator-cabinet-single party triad from a comparative perspective rule

Also available in Portuguese: Governar em Ditadura. Elites e decisão políticas nas ditaduras da era do fascismo, Lisbon: Imprensa de Ciências Sociais, 2012, 250pp. 

Table of Contents

Introduction (Download)

António Costa Pinto

Mussolini, charisma and decision-making (Download)

Didier Musiedlak

Political elite and decision-making in Mussolini’s Italy (Download)

Goffredo Adinolfi

Ministers and centres of power in Nazi Germany (Download)

Ana Mónica Fonseca

Nazi propaganda decision-making: the hybrid of ‘modernity’ and ‘neo-feudalism’ in Nazi wartime propaganda (Download)

Aristotle Kallis

The ‘empire of the professor’: Salazar’s ministerial elite, 1932–44 (Download)

Nuno Estêvão Ferreira, Rita Almeida de Carvalho, António Costa Pinto

Political decision-making in the Portuguese New State (1933–9): The dictator, the council of ministers and the inner-circle (Download)

Filipa Raimundo, Nuno Estêvão Ferreira, Rita Almeida de Carvalho

Executive, single party and ministers in Franco’s regime, 1936–45 (Download)

Miguel Jerez Mir

Single party, cabinet and political decision-making in fascist era dictatorships: Comparative perspectives (Download)

António Costa Pinto

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