Stewart Lloyd-Jones & António Costa Pinto (edited by)

The Last Empire. 25 years of Portuguese decolonization

Bristol ,  Intellect

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This volume is the result of a conference organized by the Contemporary Portuguese Political History Research Centre (CPHRC) and the University of Dundee that took place during September 2000. The purpose of this conference, and the resulting book, was to bring together various experts in the field to analyse and debate the process of Portuguese decolonization, which was then 25 years old, and the effects of this on the Portuguese themselves. The book takes a multidisciplinary look at both the causes and the consequences of Portuguese decolonization, and places the loss of Portugal's Eastern Empire in the context of the loss of its African Empire. It also relates the process of Portuguese decolonization with the search for a new Portuguese vision of its place in the world.

Table of Contents

The influence of overseas issues in Portugal's transition to democracy

Richard A. H. Robinson

The transition to democracy and Portugal's decolonization

António Costa Pinto

São Tomé and Príncipe: decolonization and its legacy, 1974-90

Malyn Newitt

Macao, Timor and Portuguese India in the context of Portugal's recent decolonization

Arnaldo Gonçalves

Portugal and the CPLP: heightened expectations, unfounded disillusions

Luís António Santos

What good is Portugal to an African?

Michel Cahen

Portugal's lusophone African immigrants: colonial legacy in a contemporary labour market

Martin Eaton

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