António Costa Pinto & Nuno S. Teixeira (edited by)

Southern Europe and the Making of the European Union, 1945-1980s

New York ,  SSM-Columbia University Press

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This collection of essays focuses on the evolution of the relationship of the European Union to its Southern members. The broader implications of the incorporation of Southern Europeans into a German-French dominated organization as well as corollary problems related to the expanion of the European Union by admission of former members of the Soviet Bloc round out this important contribution to contemporary international and inter-European relations.

Also available in Portuguese: A Europa do Sul e a Construção da União Europeia, Lisbon, Imprensa de Ciência Sociais, 2005, 215 pages.

Table of Contents

List of Figures

Preface and acknowledgements

Part I. From Southern Europe to the European Union: Historical Perspectives

1. From Africa to Europe: Portugal and European Integration

António Costa Pinto and Nuno Severiano Teixeira

2. Spain: in the Centre or on the Periphery of Europe?

Juan Carlos Pereira and Antonio Moreno Juste

3. Italy and European Integration

Antonio Varsori

4. The Greek Association with the European Community: a Strategy of State

Susannah Verney

Part II. The Europeanisation of Southern Europe: Comparative Perspectives

5. The Southern European Economies and European Integration

Alfred Tovias

6. European Integration and Democratic Consolidation in Southern Europe

Geoffrey Pridham

7. Attitudes of Southern European Citizens towards European Integration: before and after Accession, 1974-2000

José Magone

8. Conclusion: The Europeanisation of Southern Europe

Leonardo Morlino



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