António Costa Pinto (edited by)

Corporatism and Fascism: The Corporatist Wave in Europe (Routledge Studies in Fascism and the Far Right

London ,  Routledge

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This book is the first conceptual and comparative empirical work on the relation between corporatism and dictatorships, bringing both fields under a joint conceptual umbrella. It operationalizes the concepts of social and political corporatism, diffusion and critical junctures and their particular application to the study of Fascist-Era dictatorships. The book’s carefully constructed balance between theory and case studies offers an important contribution to the study of dictatorships and corporatism.

Table of Contents

1. Corporatism and ‘organic representation’ in European dictatorships

Antonio Costa Pinto

2. Corporatism and Political Catholicism: The Impact of Catholic Corporatism in Inter-war Europe

John Pollard

3. The fascist Labour Charter and its transnational spread

Matteo Pasetti

4. The Rise and Fall of Corporatist constitutionalism: A sociological thesis

Christopher Thornhill

5. Rethinking Italian corporatism: Crossing borders between corporatist projects in late liberal era and the Fascist corporatist state

Laura Cerasi

6. Inter-war Germany and the Corporatist wave, 1918–1939

Klaus Neumann

7. ‘Corporatist State’ and enhanced authoritarian dictatorship: The Austria of Dollfuss and Schuschnigg (1933–1938)

Gerhard Botz

8. The Corporatist Chamber of the "New State" in Portugal: Organized Interests and Public Policy

José Luís Cardoso and Nuno Estevão Ferreira

9. Corporatism and Franco’s Spain

Glicerio Sanchez Recio

10. Corporatism in Vichy France

Olivier Dard

11. Inter-war Yugoslavia viewed through corporatist glasses

Stefano Petrungaro

12. Authoritarianism and corporatism in the Baltic States: The case of Estonia during the 1930s

Andres Kasekamp

13. "Ideas in flux…": the ‘4th of August’ dictatorship in Greece as a political departure in search of destination

Aristotle Kallis

Conclusion: The "corporatist moment" in Interwar Europe

Aristotle Kallis

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