António Costa Pinto (edited by)

Contemporary Portugal. Politics, society and culture, 2nd Edition

New York ,  SSM-Columbia University Press

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Contemporary Portugal: Politics, Society and Culture is an introduction to the evolution of Portuguese politics, society and culture in the twentieth century. Eminent historians, political scientists and experts in literature and art explore a wide spectrum of topics: international relations, authoritarianism, transition to democracy, social change, economic development, colonialism and decolonization, patterns of emigration, problems of national identity and the main trends of twentieth century Portuguese literature and art. First edition published in 2001.

Also available in Portuguese: António Costa Pinto (ed.), Portugal Contemporâneo, Lisbon, Dom Quixote, 2005.

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgements

António Costa Pinto

Twentieth Century Portugal: An Introduction 1-54

António Costa Pinto

Cultural Myths and Portuguese National Identity 55-72

Nuno G. Monteiro and António Costa Pinto The

The Colonial Empire 73-94

Valentim Alexandre

Between Africa and Europe: Portuguese Foreign Policy 95-130

Nuno Severiano Teixeira

The Portuguese Economy in the Twentieth Century: Growth and Structural Change 131-152

Pedro Lains

Engendering Portugal: Social Change, State Politics and Women’s Social Mobilization 153-192

Virgínia Ferreira

Social Change in Portugal 193-224

António Barreto

Elections, Parties, and Policy-Making Institutions in Democratic Portugal 224-248

Pedro C. Magalhães

Still Second-Order? European Parliament Elections in Portugal 249-274

Marina Costa Lobo

Contemporary Portuguese Literature 275-312

João Camilo dos Santos

Portuguese Art in the Twentieth Century 313-345

João Pinharanda

Contributors and Index 347-370

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