António Costa Pinto & Conceição Pequito Teixeira

Political Institutions and Democracy in Portugal. Assessing the Impact of the Eurocrisis

Ebook ,  Palgrave MacMillan

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This book examines how patterns of political representation, party system, and political culture have changed in Southern Europe following the “Great Recession” of 2008. It draws on the experience of Portugal to argue that austerity measures have significantly deepened the legitimacy crisis of democratic institutions, but the resilience of party system is remarkable in comparison. The case of Portugal present some interesting differences from other southern European democracies, since on one hand it suffered a deep economic crisis and the consequent bailout from the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Union, but on the other hand the party system remained stable. Nevertheless the impact of the crisis did reinforce a centre-periphery cleavage within the European Union, and especially in the Eurozone, Portugal is a central element of this new cleavage notoriously aggravated by Brexit.

Table of Contents

1 - Portugal Before and After the “Great Recession”: A Resilient Democracy?

António Costa Pinto and Conceição Pequito Teixeira

2- The Political Economy of Portuguese Crisis Years: The Road Not Taken

Carla Guapo Costa

3- The President of the Republic and the Management of the Eurocrisis

Rui Graça Feijó

4- Electoral Systems and Political Reforms: Portugal in Comparative Perspective

André Freire

5- The Portuguese Party System: Evolution in Continuity?

Carlos Jalali

6- The Centrality of the Portuguese Parliament: Reform, Troika and “Contraption”

António José Seguro

7- The Portuguese Constitutional Court and Its Austerity Case Law

Teresa Violante

8- New Challenges, Old Parties: Party Change in Portugal After the European Crisis

Marco Lisi

9- Trade Union Representation and Industrial Relations in Portugal Before, During and Following the Economic and Financial Crises

Alan Stoleroff

10- Portugal and Spain in the International Protest Cycles: From Global Justice Movement to Anti-austerity Protests

Cristina Nunes

11- Political Discontentment in Portugal Post-Troika: Risks and Opportunities

Conceição Pequito Teixeira, Paulo de Almeida Pereira and Ana Maria Belchior

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